Monday Mentions: Munchery

Pups at the beach!

We took Barry to the beach for the first time this weekend, and if the above photo is any indication he had a lot of fun running around with our other dog, Bella (She came with that name, believe me I read Twilight just to see what all the hype was about but it was not for me). It’s amazing to me that he’s already almost as big as she is, and he’s only four and a half months old. It’s also been neat that he’s been so easy to train, he was initially a shy puppy but he’s made a lot of progress since he’s started his puppy obedience class.

There’s been an explosion of food delivery services in the Bay Area, but by far my favorite one is Munchery. The food is prepared by chefs and all you have to do when it arrives is heat it up, if it’s a dish that requires it (their sushi’s always so fresh, I love it and it means I can just dig in!). Also, they donate food to local food banks, so someone in need is also getting a meal. Deliveries are also carbon-neutral and their packaging is also eco-friendly, between their commitment to being green and giving back to the community with food I feel like I’m supporting a local company that cares about more than just their bottom line.

I’ve wanted to try others(for example Blue Apron), but I’m usually so strapped for time during the week that realistically all I could handle is microwaving food. Also, I don’t like how for other services you’re locked into making weekly orders unless you cancel it every week, once you make an account you can order as much or as little as you want and only when you want to order from them.

If you haven’t tried Munchery out and would like to, you can get $10 towards your first order with my code! Just click here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Oh Hi October, Where Did September Go?

World, this is Barry. Barry, meet World!

September was a super whirlwind of a month, there was meeting up with friends from college (wow I graduated from college almost ten years ago now!) and a trip to D.C., a first for me. Also, we acquired a rescue puppy who’s some sort of GSD/Doberman mix. I like to call him an Adobe Shepherd :)

Even though I’m President of a student organization on campus, it’d never even crossed my mind that Washington, D.C. would be a place I’d get to see in my lifetime. I always had this idea that it would be too stuffy and stifling for a native Californian like myself.

It was amazing to be able to see a world that wasn’t in a drought, as long as I can remember California’s been in a state of drought and water conservation has been a priority. There were ads for not wasting water all the time, and I still feel guilty for taking showers that last longer than five minutes. Then I attended the wedding of a friend of my fiance and was in D.C. in September, which is supposedly the best time to be there.

It’s me and my +1!

What stood out the most to me was the fact that museums were free to attend. That’s not a reality in California, and it saddens me because it highlights an underlying issue with how the State of California differs from the rest of the nation in a backwards way. Free museums show that the society offering them cares about the idea of a public good, and is choosing to invest in it.

Not to mention the numerous business and employment opportunities that naturally spring forth when large numbers of people are tourists in any given area. Also amazing in D.C.? Public transportation works, and it works for everyone. It’s almost as if there was a general consensus by the members of the society wanting to make sure people could get to their destinations on time. Those two values are ones that seem to have died out here in the wild West. Everything’s so expensive, and citizens have a vague sense that there’s money being made, but it stays in the hands of a certain class of people. (Don’t forget, corporations are people, too!)

I said I didn’t want to talk about my wedding, and this will be the only personal plug I make short of being asked directly about it by anyone in comments. It’s for stationary in general, so I feel like it’s not really about the wedding industry and more for anyone who needs nice stationary (ahem Holiday cards…’tis the season soon).

We’re using Minted for our invites, and I’ve been impressed by how quickly their customer service and design team put together our final order and how easy their patent-pending guest addressing technology is to use. If you don’t already have an account with them, click here to register to get a $25.00 discount on your first order with my code!

Dog Days of Summer

August and September have always felt like the hottest summer months in the Bay Area to me. It’s been a rough couple of days lately, what with my betta sorority completely falling apart* and then having to re-home a dog** that I was getting used to having around. It always feels like a personal failure on my part when things just don’t work out, my stubborn nature makes me believe that had I more time/energy/whatever things would have turned out differently.

Then there’s all the wedding planning stuff, and I really wish it was all done. I never wanted to be a Bridezilla. I know my Pinterest feed is full of wedding planning ideas, but that’s the extent of it. I wanted the wedding to stay in a neat little corner of my brain, because I feel like a bad feminist for caring about the various moving parts of it, and not being able to keep it to myself. The last thing I want to do is burden anyone else with it, because it’s just a wedding and I want to roll my eyes about it. Or at least a part of me feels like I should want to roll my eyes and gag at the parts of me that want to be head over heels giddy about this process.

It’s seeping into my schedule and I’m losing sleep and stressing about it. From the proposal to picking out the dress, it hasn’t been fun for me. Honestly, half the time I want to just cancel the whole event as from the get-go, it’s felt like just a bunch of business transactions and while I’m great at planning events and used to work in the wedding industry, classes are going to start soon and I will have to delegate things.

Everyone says this is supposed to be a happy event. How can I be happy about getting married, when I don’t feel worthy of this Sacrament?

*the bettas were upgraded from a 10 gallon tank to a 29 gallon tank, and in the process there was fungal infection that killed 2 girls, 1 girl jumped the tank and my runty favorite croaked.

**the dog bit someone, and in our current housing situation, it's not something that could be tolerated.

Almost 50 Years Ago, We Landed on the Moon

It’s July, roughly around the halfway mark for the calendar year. I tried poking about on the Internet, but there’s nothing cute-sy anyone says about July. (Other than maybe Ju-lied to me :P ) So I looked for random facts, and I found this one: in my grandparents’ generation, and likely the one of anyone reading this blog, humanity landed on the Moon. The exact date of the moon landing was July 16, forty-six years ago.

That blew my mind! Our species, despite all its inclinations to destroy itself only because we can mentality, managed to collectively pool resources into a common good to get homo sapiens (as well as canis familiaris, just to name another species. Man’s best friend indeed) into space. Space exploration funding’s been drastically reduced since this monumental achievement, and I suppose maybe a younger version of myself would have wanted to be an astronaut if I would have known it was an option.

Another random fact: This is a kind gesture the White House can give you: some Presidential Greetings. As a kid who’s a first-generation immigrant on one (possibly both, depends on who’s keeping track) this is a really neat way for the White House to engage with its constituents. In this increasingly digital world, it feels nice to receive paper mail and not just bills mixed in with the junk mail.

I decided to order one for my grandparents, to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. It’s a milestone that they couldn’t have known they’d get to when they said their “I dos” and one which both my partner and I would need to reach eighty years of age to accomplish ourselves. I can only hope God gives us that many years to live out.

100th Day Challenge: Completed

After one hundred days of positivity, the question remains: Am I suddenly a more positive individual? My honest answer is it all depends on what I’m talking about.

The person that I am today had to go through a lot of struggle, and for the most part I’ve come to peace with my past. Everyone has to, otherwise they’re forever weighted down by it. At some point, you pick your battles, lest we exist in a world where every battle is literally one of life or death.

I’ve heard that it takes about two weeks for a habit to form (sorry I can’t link to any study off the top of my head) and it held true here, the first two weeks were the most difficult for me and I kept wanting to give up and focus on everything that had gone wrong. As a law school student, it can feel at times like your brain is basically learning to expect the worst and then accept being pleasantly surprised when things don’t fall apart. Especially because of grading curves, and knowing that you’re surrounded by peers who are equally motivated to pursue this career path.

It didn’t magically become easier overnight, though, but sometime after two weeks it did become easier to focus on the fact that this was a long-term goal, and the only person holding me accountable would be me. Sure, family and friends my like or re-tweet something on social media, but as far as disappointment goes, it would all fall on my shoulders.

The end result is one where I now want to do anther 100 days challenge. Any suggestions? I’m thinking of trying either a doodle a day, or a photo a day. Not sure which, or whether something else will be what I try out next,

What's it thinking?

What’s it thinking?